【Hydrogeology】Exploration of geothermal resources in Yuexi, Anhui Province


Location: Yuexi County, Anhui Province

Assignment: geothermal exploration

Operation time: April 5, 2018 to April 7, 2018

Weather condition: fine

Operating equipment: gn209

Operation parameters: this operation adopts triple circular array, array radius is 60m-120m-240m, 0.1Hz (300V / M / s) vertical geophone, sampling rate 4ms, gain 0dB

Operation results: according to the results of micro motion detection, the abnormal position of medium and low velocity was verified by drilling. The geothermal borehole zk01 was designed to be 450m, and 451.73m was actually completed. The static water level is 14.6m above the ground, the water temperature is 45 ° and the self flow rate is 5.366l/s.

Operation site:

Data processing: